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You add one self-improvement dimension to your personality per month and work it into your process. The next month, you continue whatever was implemented and select another element of self-improvement. The next month, you repeat that entire process. At the end of 2019, you will have 12 beneficial habit patterns that you’ve formed or bad habits that you’ve broken.

The group can share goals, obstacles, tips, resources, whatever to encourage one another to stay committed. The essence of this network is to distill the committed effort for cultivated meaning and the collective good into sustainable motivation. What could be accomplished?

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete” (Buckminster Fuller).

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  1. January: Begin writing a new book “Visionary Truth Quests of an Everyman IV” and continue working on this or any new writing project every month for the remainder of 2019.

    1. February: 50 female phone numbers or rejections in one day and then 10 per month for the rest of 2019.

      Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for the 50 in one day hurdle? I will plan a full day to achieve this goal and am brainstorming now to gather good ideas. Any would help would be greatly appreciated. Help me!

        1. The main take-home of 50 is to get desensitized to the fear of rejection and learn something about myself through the process. I think there will be a lot of useless insecurities burned off by number 50, and more truth available. I’m not sure anything less than an extreme number in a short period of time will serve that purpose. If I can face 50 females potentially telling me that I’m not worth propagating with and maintain love in my heart and a heroic stride in my step, I’ll have attained something that I might as well call a miracle.

          I’m taking this idea from Dr. Albert Ellis who did something similar. It certainly won’t be comfortable, but who wants comfort over growth? And who wants fun over meaning? Not I, and not most of you all on here I bet!

      1. Thank you AC! It wasn’t my idea. A spectacular friend of mine oriented toward growth challenged me. I just seek to create a hub of motivational support to give all interested a sense of community. I know we can create something cool here.

  2. February: I help teach an accredited “Matter of Balance” class at our Senior Center. We urge participants to continue the exercises after classes conclude. Being a “teacher” I need to do as I say… so I will be trying to do the same.

  3. February;

    Consistency with taking vitamins and supplements.
    Multi, D3, C, Fish Oil, Magnesium.

    Anyone else taking daily vitamins and supplements.
    If so, what, and in what brand and quantity?

    Anyone not believe in taking vitamins and supplements?

    1. Thanks for posting a solid goal for the care of body and mind!

      I need to get more into supplements. For basic daily mind and body maintenance, I use Paradise Orac-Energy Earth’s Blend superfood multivitamin, L-Theanine, and Ginko biloba. Sometimes at night, I’ll go to melatonin for a natural sleep and dream inducer.

      A friend, who will probably chime in on this thread, recommended Dr. Joseph Mercola’s book “Super Fuel” regrading efficient ways to fuel the “biological meat package.”

    2. Personally, I am not an advocate of taking vitamins but am not against taking them either. However, I would always check with a doctor because too much or too little of something could cause problems. They can run tests to see if you are deficient in any vitamins. If there is no danger, go for it. Good luck to you!

    3. Good idea. I wholeheartedly believe in vitamin supplementation and hormone optimization. Here’s my daily intake, which I’ve carefully curated over the course of several years. I do not get sick for whatever it’s worth:

      Liposomal vitamin C 4000mgs
      Vitamin D3 15000ius
      Krill oil 4gs (great source of Astaxanthin)
      Iodine 1500mcgs
      Magnesium 500mgs
      Spirulina 3gs
      Sulforaphane (BroccoMax) 60mgs
      L-lysine 2000mgs
      Vitamin B12 3000mcgs
      Vitamin A 25000ius
      Calcium 1200mgs
      Zinc 50mgs
      Vitamin E 800ius
      Vitamin K2 200mcgs
      Turmeric Curcumin 3600mgs

      I purchase most of my supps from Mercola. Great quality, doesn’t use any soybean oils or any other poison fillers.

  4. I told my father of this challenge. He was fully on board. He called me yesterday morning full of enthusiasm and said he was inspired to take a random Sunday morning drive to nowhere in particular. He found himself at a complete-amenity gym and set the March goal to purchase a membership and use it for the rest of 2019. He said, “I’d rather pay the monthly membership than waste it on beer at the bar.” He has been looking for a new social scene. In my opinion, he has been barking up the wrong tree in a local bar. Now, he will have a social scene of people who are actively dedicating themselves to improvement. I could not be more proud of the old man!

  5. Love that Buckminster Fuller quote! John,
    Thank you for creating this space to support each other and hold ourselves accountable.
    I am hoping it will be helpful in my 800th attempt to kick the coffee addiction.

  6. I really appreciate this “challenge” and the concept of introducing one ritual at a time. I have a list of things I need/want to do. In January, before I heard about this challenge, I realized I need to sleep more. (Duh, right?) Someone had to blatantly tell me, “I think you need more sleep.” Fair enough. Have been working on that for a few weeks now! 🙂

    February: Eat (at least) two official meals per day. Snacks are encouraged as well. As a full time single mom, I find it difficult to prioritize my own nourishment. Looking forward to being held accountable for this!!

    1. Beautiful Leslie! Proper honoring of the body and mind through consistent nourishment and rest to attain the most well-being for ourselves and those around us is something we could all kindly remind ourselves of from time to time. It’s great that you’re choosing to honor the fundamental constituents of physical balance consciously!

  7. So in January I did the typical non-gym going type person thing and got myself a gym membership. I’m not against gyms it’s just that when I was living in Colorado it was so easy to get outdoors year round so I got my exercise that way. Now that I’m in northeast Ohio, winter weather keeps me indoors so, to the gym I go. So far so good on that front. I haven’t stopped going.

    In February now I’ve dialed back on my alcohol consumption. Had a few beers at a Super Bowl party and had a few with a friend of mine when he wanted to go out last weekend but that’s it this month so far. This is way down from the typical nightly drink or two or three. Its amazing how much better my body feels when I’ve been off the sauce for a few days.

    Thanks for providing this space and community my friend. Looking forward to reading the new book.

  8. In honor of The Challenge, the blog, you all, truth, and transparency:

    Last Friday: a beautiful day, woke up, coffee fueled, showered, shaved, dressed in new clothes including new undies, sported new non-aviator shades, and decided that I would power out to the streets of Austin to achieve the goal of 50 numbers or rejections. The verdict… abysmal.

    One would think that the worst possible outcome would be 0 numbers and 50 rejections, right? Oh, ye of little faith in my abhorrent inadequacy. I managed to do much worse than that. I walked and drove around for four hours in Austin and could not pull the trigger on one approach. You could not imagine the excuses my silly ego thought up. I never dreamed it would go that terrible. I knew it would be uncomfortable, but I’m usually able to power through the uncomfortable in service of a personal goal, not this time. I exposed the nose of a monstrously dark, self-conscious fear dragon that I was absolutely no match for. He burned my ass up hard. There would be no treasure or princess for this wandering fool on this day. I tasted fresh, bitter defeat and was formally walloped.

    I went home to nap, take a dip in the freezing cold pool, and eat Chinese. I told this story to one of my friends later that evening when she randomly called. She laughed the entire time. I then saw a silver lining to this day of folly and realized what I need to do to make lemonade out of my fear lemons. It may still be a while before I’ll be able to slay the 50 numbers in one day dragon, but at least now I will be in training. As long as the universe provides us the next bread crumb to stay on the mythological cycle, we should be thankful. I am humbled, ready to learn, determined, and thankful!

  9. While I have fallen down a bit (not much) on my February self improvement project, I will continue with it and choose a new self improvement project for March. I have many unfinished DIY projects. I hope to devote just one hour each day to these projects so I can finish them. My only uncertainty is whether or not to finish one project before going on to the next. Thinking maybe spending that one hour on a different project each day will give me some diversity and keep me interested. Any thoughts?

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