The Realm of Meaning

In consensual reality, we walk around blind, deaf, and dumb, with only the faintest scent of how to proceed on the path to true love and understanding. This faint scent could be described as the higher-order virtues—the good, true, and beautiful. The mushroom puts you in direct contact with dense, tangible meaning. The truth of this is self-evident and your soul remembers the eternal wisdom that the ego has forgotten. You can recognize yourself in this mystical territory. You know who you are. I can’t imagine having this experience without the heroic dose.

One can do nothing other than recognize the absolute logic and wisdom of the fungal kingdom as it hits the soul in such a way that it penetrates and awakens your sense of meaning itself. It is impossible to argue with the reality of this direct mystical experience. Its lessons can be self-evident when “there,” and you can do nothing but laugh about how blind and unaware your egoic self has been.

We must be compassionate with ourselves because no good comes from berating the blind ego. We all have it and simply need make corrections as we become increasingly aware. Then, we can take the next step on the heroic journey that is each and every one of our lives. Onward and upward, my friends, with love to the true Return Home—Source wisdom love and understanding—the true infinite Self.

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